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Message from the Dean


Department of Electrical Engineering of Korea University that is proud of about 40 years of history has been leading electrical & electronic engineering fields of nano technology & semiconductor, communication network, computer engineering, integrated circuit, signal processing & multimedia, controlled robot & system and electric energy, etc. through creative research and education in both domestic and foreign countries.

The graduates of about 6,000 bachelors, 1,800 masters and 400 doctors who passed through our Department of Electrical Engineering are performing the roles of leaders in engineering & society at industry-university-institute organizations of domestic and foreign countries excellently and carrying on No. 1 reputation from the results performed by the public opinion polls every year. And, about 900 undergraduate school students and 400 graduate school students who are enrolled in school are doing their best with the professors to have the competitiveness of the state-of-the-art learning along the blueprint for future that foresees the next 20 years.

Department of Electrical Engineering is performing the research project at international level with worldwide prominent universities by attracting 1st phase of BK-21, 2nd phase of World Class University, a number of country-designated institutes, etc. And, we are keeping up the level of top class in domestic country regarding number of research papers and quotation rate such as SCI that evaluates the quality of the research, etc. We are arranging the step for stepping ahead further toward global university through such performances.

The electrical & electronic fields are charged with the historical mission to pursue the high level of informationization and high technology due to policy of international IT power as the up-and-coming part of whole engineering fields. To meet that, Department of Electrical Engineering of Korea University is willing to suggest future-oriented vision in commemoration of 50th anniversary in 2017 and place our place as the college that ranks with other worldwide famous institute of technology in name and reality through the active and aggressive changes.

College of Engineering, Korea University
Dean of School of Electrical Engineering
In Kyu Lee