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Student Clubs

Mini Bulb

Homepage: http://lb.korea.ac.kr/ (Currently under construction)

Formed in 1998, the Mini Bulb Student Club is currently participating in various activities within the department, leading the student symposium culture. The group’s main activities include heading the Student Council, sponsoring the exhibition of works based on the learning of the members from seminars and other sources, and contributing to building up the department’s academic capabilities.


Homepage : http://oaz.korea.ac.kr/

Representing the fundamental numbers 1 and 0 that computers understand, 1&0 is a student club of the School of Electrical, Electronic, and Microwave Engineering formed in winter of 1992 by students of the class of 1992. Its capacity is growing as the result of many debates and seminars. Key activities include computer programming, collaborating with the Science Library (it developed the library information program), and developing various program for electronic exhibition.


Homepage : http://hands.korea.ac.kr/

As you can tell by its name that combines Hardware and Software, HandS is a School of Electrical, Electronic, and Microwave Engineering student club that has interests in all academics related to Electrical, Electronic, and Microwave Engineering. First formed in 1984, HandS began its activity in earnest in the mid-80s preparing numerous electronic exhibitions and HandS exhibitions. The group also strives to improve the skills of its members under the grand proposition of looking beyond the department’s general curriculum and approaching more substantive ideas.