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The School of Electrical Engineering, as a major field of study for researching and developing the state-of-the-art technology required in an information-oriented society, is an integral academic field as we move through the 21st century. It is also a place where leader-level talent is educated and cultivated in order to guide the advancements of tomorrow. The school is a place where cutting edge practical learning that opens the digital world is researched and taught. Key fields of the school are introduced below.

 Semiconductor and Nano Systems

VLSI, SOC, Microwave IC, Photoelectronic Device

 Signal Processing and Multimedia

Multimedia Communications, Digital Media, Digital Image/Signal Processing, Development of Fundamental Speech Recognition, International Multimedia Standardization Participant

 Control, Robotics, Systems

Intelligent System, Automatic Control, Mechatronics, Control Network, Intelligent Building System

 Electrical Energy

Power Flow Control, Power Line Communication, Negawatt Market, Clean Energy Development, Virtual Power Plant Development

 Computer Engineering

Computer System Design, Microprocessor Design, Parallel Processing, Operating System, Programming Language, Compiler, Computer Network, Database, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Distributed System, Software Engineering

 Communication and Networks

Mobile communication, Optical communication, Wireless Data Communication based IMT 2000, Next-Generation Internet Service and Network, Wireless Internet, Optical Internet, Asynchronous Transfer Mode

 Integrated Circuits

RF, Analog/Digital Circuit Design of Systems for Communication, Display, Biomedical, etc

The main support programs supervised by the department and linked to industry-academia-research institutes, are as follows.

  • 1991, The first university to establish Information and Communication Technology Research Institute
  • 1995, Established Semiconductor Technology Research Institute
  • 1997-2012, Samsung Electronics and Korea University established ICT School-Industry Cooperation (Samsung Electronics)
  • 1999-2000, Chosen for financial aid dedicated to the outstanding ICT graduate school (Ministry of Information and Communication)
  • 2000, Chosen as BK21 ICT research management team (Ministry of Education)
  • 2000-2003, Dedicated equipment support for being chosen as outstanding ICT graduate school (Ministry of Information and Communication)
  • 2001, Selected as Next Generation Internet ITRC research center (Ministry of Information and Communication)
  • 2004, LG electronics DM-Korea University establishes R&D center
  • 2005, Korea University-LG Philips LCD (LG Display) establishes research center
  • 2006, SK Hynix-Korea University establishes Semiconductor Design Specialized Lab
  • 2006-2012, Korea University-Battelle research institute established
  • 2007, Korea University-Samsung Electro-mechanics establish High-speed Human Interface research center
  • 2008, Samsung Electronics-Korea University builds Department of IT Convergence
  • 2008, Korea University-Samsung Techwin establish Intelligent Signal Processing Laboratory
  • 2010, Korea University-Samsung Electronics establish semiconductor research center
  • 2011, Korea University-Samsung Mobile Display OLED establishes research center
  • 2012, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering established
  • 2012, First place in comprehensive evaluation by BK21