Course Registration Guideline


for 2020 Spring Semester of Graduate School


l. The Period of Registration and Add/drop

1. Registration: 10:00 AM, 19 Feb.(Wed) ~ 5:00 PM, 21 Feb.(Thu), 2020

2. Add/drop : 10:00 AM, 9 Mar.(Mon) ~ 5:00 PM, 11 Mar.(Wed), 2020


. How to Register

1. Access to exclusive URL for course registration(,

and then choose 'Graduate School' and '1nd Semester'.

2. Guidance of Research: Guidance of Research should be chosen every semester according to the below division.

<Division of 'Guidance of Research'>

(1) Current Students: DKK500-division (Title: Guidance of Research)

(2) Graduate Students in KIST Academy Research Industry Collaboration Program, Program in

Biomicrosystem Engineering, and those who are in the 2nd or above semester of Science and Technology Studies : DKK510 for Research of Guidance 1, and DKK520 for Research of Guidance 2, 1 credit per each course

(3) Completed research graduate students: DKK-600 (Title: Tutorial Research after Completion of Course Work)

Except for Guidance of Research credits, students who completed course works are not allowed to take other courses