Policy on Excused Absence


Enacted on 1 November 2019

[Educational Affairs Team ]


Article 1 (Purpose) This Policy articulates specific rules on warranting excused absences in accordance with Korea University Constitution Article 45, Paragraph 1 and Article 46, Paragraph 1.


Article 2 (Attendance and Credits) Any student absent for one-third or more of the total class hours of the course in which the student is enrolled may not receive course credits therefrom unless the course has adopted a self-attendance check system.

Students failing to sit or otherwise take a midterm or final examination due to an absence may appeal in accordance with Academic Regulations Article 69 and Article 70 in order to have the failure excused.

In the event a student fails to take an examination other than a midterm or final examination , the course instructor has the authority to determine what, if any, must be completed as an alternative.


Article 3 (Excused Absence and Required Documents) An excused absence may be warranted when a legitimate supporting document is submitted, depending on circumstances such as the following:

1. Illness: Medical certificate (For an absence of 7 days or more, only a medical certificate issued by the president of either a Korea University Hospital (Anam, Guro, Ansan) or a general hospital is acceptable)

2. Menstruation: No documentation required

3. Military affairs such as Army Reserve training or duty, military enlistment examinations: certifying document provided by the relevant military organization

4. Death of immediate family members: Death certificate (which may be submitted afterward once an obituary notice is delivered) and certificate of family relation

5. Public official examinations or employment tests/interviews: Documentation certified by the testing agency/corporation

6. Early employment of a prospective graduate: Relevant documentation such as an employment certificate or a national medical insurance certificate

7. Official university activities (Matriculation Ceremony, Annual Ko-Yon Games, etc.): No documentation required (Participation in a matriculation ceremony is valid as a legitimate circumstance for excused absence for first-year students only)

8. Other circumstances equivalent to the above seven circumstances: Relevant documentation


Article 4 (Absence Excuse Period) Excused absences may be warranted only for the duration of the extenuating circumstances, except for the following events:

1. Menstruation: maximum four excuses per each semester (one day excuse for each absence)

2. Death of immediate family members: Seven (7) days commencing from the date of death

3. Early employment of a prospective graduate: the period from the commencement of employment to the end of the semester


Article 5 (Application Period for Excused Absence) Excused absences may be warranted when applied for in advance. Student failing to file an application in advance due to a compelling reason may apply for an excused absence with legitimate supporting documentation within 10 days from the termination of the extenuating circumstances. The foregoing notwithstanding, all applications periods close at the end of each semester.


Article 6 (Warrant of Excused Absence) The warrant of excused absences may or may not be granted at the discretion of the course instruction within the boundary of reasonable social norms unless otherwise dictated by national statute or the rules and regulations of Korea University.


Article 7 (Grades) Excused absences may not be warranted for more than half of the classes of a course. That notwithstanding, course instructors may assign, in accordance with Academic Regulations Article 68, alternative coursework to students excused from absences, based on which their grades are to be determined.

In the event documents submitted for excused absences are determined to be falsified or fraudulent, credits may not be endowed or, if already endowed, shall be revoked.

In the event a student excused from absences on account of early employment resigns from work, said student must report to the course instructor within seven (7) days from the termination of the extenuating circumstance. Should the student fail to report timely in such cases, the student’s grades shall be determined in accordance with Paragraph2.



Supplementary Provisions


This Policy shall enter into effect November 1, 2019.