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Research Areas and Labs

Full-time Faculty

Research Area and Labs(full-time faculty)
Name Position Research Area Tel E-mail Homepage
Chung G. Kang Professor Network & Mobile Communication 02-3290-3236 ccgkang@korea.ac.kr http://wiselab.korea.ac.kr
Sung-Jea Ko Professor Multimedia Communication and Processing 02-3290-3228 sjko@korea.ac.kr http://dali.korea.ac.kr
Yong-Chai Ko Professor Communication Systems 02-3290-3254 koyc@korea.ac.kr http://commsys.korea.ac.kr
Hanseok Ko Professor Speech and Image Processing, Pattern Recognition 02-3290-3239 hsko@korea.ac.kr http://ispl.korea.ac.kr
Gyu Tae Kim Professor Nanodevices, Contact electrical properties, and Nanoscale pattern fabrication 02-3290-3250 gtkim@korea.ac.kr http://nanodev.korea.ac.kr
Dong Seung Kim Professor Cluster/high performance computing, parallel algorithms 02-3290-3232 dkim@classic.korea.ac.kr http://classic.korea.ac.kr
Moonil Kim Professor Microwave circuits 02-3290-3247 mkim@korea.ac.kr http://thomas.korea.ac.kr
Sangsig Kim Professor Nanoparticles, Nanowires, and Nanodevices 02-3290-3245 sangsig@korea.ac.kr http://nanotronics.korea.ac.kr
Seon Wook Kim Professor Compiler design & computer architecture 02-3290-3251 seon@korea.ac.kr http://compiler.korea.ac.kr
Soo-Won Kim Professor ASIC design and System on a chip 02-3290-3224 swkim@korea.ac.kr http://asic.korea.ac.kr
Yong Sin Kim Associate Professor Optimal solutions for integrated systems 02-3290-4834 shonkim@korea.ac.kr http://oasis.korea.ac.kr
Woonkyung Kim Professor Communication Signal Processing 02-3290-3235 mwkim59@korea.ac.kr http://davinci.korea.ac.kr
Jong-Kook Kim Associate Professor Heterogeneous computing, Energy-aware computing 02-3290-4823 jongkook@korea.ac.kr http://hipe.korea.ac.kr/professor/
Jong-Ok Kim Associate Professor Multimedia Communicationss 02-3290-4823 jokim@korea.ac.kr http://icq.korea.ac.kr
Chang-Su Kim Professor Media Communications, Display Technology and Computer Graphics 02-3290-3217 changsukim@korea.ac.kr http://mcl.korea.ac.kr
Chulwoo Kim Professor Mixed-mode IC design, next-generation VLSI system design, and low-power SoC design 02-3290-3252 ckim@korea.ac.kr http://kilby.korea.ac.kr
Tae-Geun Kim Professor Optoelectronic devices, (LED, LD, PD, Sensor) Universal memories(SONOS/ReRAM fusion) 02-3290-3255 tgkim1@korea.ac.kr http://asl.korea.ac.kr
Hwangnam Kim Professor Wired/Wireless Networking and Performance Evaluation 02-3290-4821 hnkim@korea.ac.kr http://wine.korea.ac.kr
Nakju Doh Professor Robotics 02-3290-4822 nakju@korea.ac.kr http://perl.korea.ac.kr
Byung-moo Moon Professor Ferroelectric and dielectric materials, Microwave tunable devices 02-3290-3234 byungmoo@korea.ac.kr http://sal.korea.ac.kr
James Jungho Pak Professor MEMS, Sensors, and DNA chip 02-3290-3238 pak@korea.ac.kr http://faculty.korea.ac.kr/mins
Jung Ho Park Professor Opoelectronic devices, MMIC/RFIC devices, and Bio Chip 02-3290-3226 jhpark@korea.ac.kr http://optolab.korea.ac.kr
Jongsun Park Associate Professor Circuit and SoC Design 02-3290-4827 jongsun@korea.ac.kr http://vlsisp.korea.ac.kr
Jinwoo Park Professor Communication Networks 02-3290-3225 jwpark@korea.ac.kr http://kunet.korea.ac.kr
Sangheon Pack Professor Wireless/Mobile Networks and Communications 02-3290-4825 shpack@korea.ac.kr https://sites.google.com/site/mnclab/
Junhee Seok Assistant Professor Complex Data Analysis 02-3290-4835 jseok14@korea.ac.kr http://cdal.korea.ac.kr
Sanghoon Sull Associate Professor Multimedia Description Interface and Video Processing 02-3290-3244 sull@korea.ac.kr http://mpeg.korea.ac.kr
Choon Ki Ahn Professor Computational Intelligence & Control Systems 02-3290-4831 hironaka@korea.ac.kr http://control.korea.ac.kr
Doo-Seop Eom Professor Information and Computer Sciences 02-3290-3248 eomds@korea.ac.kr http://final.korea.ac.kr
Ji-yoon Yoo Professor Power electronics, Renewable energy related systems 02-3290-3227 jyyoo@korea.ac.kr http://ielab.korea.ac.kr
Hyun Young Yu Associate Professor Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics 02-3290-4830 yuhykr@korea.ac.kr http://anol.korea.ac.kr
Tae-Woong Yoon Professor Adaptive Systems 02-3290-3240 twy@korea.ac.kr http://adaptive.korea.ac.kr
Byongjun Lee Professor Power electronics, renewable energy related systems 02-3290-3242 leeb@korea.ac.kr http://powersys.korea.ac.kr
Sang Bin Lee Professor Power electronics, renewable energy related systems 02-3290-3215 sangbinlee@korea.ac.kr http://eecs.korea.ac.kr
Inkyu Lee Professor Wireless Communications 02-3290-3253 inkyu@korea.ac.kr http://wireless.korea.ac.kr
Jae-Sung Rieh Professor Millimeter-wave and terahertz devices & circuits 02-3290-3257 jsrieh@korea.ac.kr http://hsisl.korea.ac.kr
Cheol Jin Lee Professor Nanotubes, Field emission devices, flexible electronics, and Nanodevices 02-3290-3216
cjliee@korea.ac.kr http://nanotube.korea.ac.kr
Myo-Taeg Lim Professor Control and Mechatronics 02-3290-3243 mlim@korea.ac.kr http://cml.korea.ac.kr
Gilsoo Jang Professor Power electronics, renewable energy related systems 02-3290-3246 gjang@korea.ac.kr http://pel.korea.ac.kr
Sanggeun Jeon Associate Professor RF/Microwave/mm-wave circuits and systems 02-3290-4828 sgjeon@korea.ac.kr http://arfsl.korea.ac.kr
Chang Sung Jeong Professor Distributed parallel computing, networked virtual computing 02-3290-3229 csjeong@charlie.korea.ac.kr http://snoopy.korea.ac.kr
Byeong-Kwon Ju Professor Information display, MEMS, and Nanodevices 02-3290-3237 bkju@korea.ac.kr http://diana.korea.ac.kr
Sung-Kwan Joo Professor Electric machines, Electromagnetic energy conversion devices 02-3290-4820 skjoo@korea.ac.kr http://smartgrid.korea.ac.kr
Lynn Choi Professor Computer system, computer networks 02-3290-3249 lchoi@mail.korea.ac.kr http://it.korea.ac.kr
Jun Heo Professor Digital communications, Coding theory 02-3290-4824 junheo@korea.ac.kr http://cislab.korea.ac.kr
Een Jun Hwang Professor Database 02-3290-3256 ehwang04@korea.ac.kr http://mil.korea.ac.kr
Beelee Chua Assistant Professor Small Reactive Responsive Systems 02-3290-4839 chuabeelee@gmail.com http://www.srrsystems.org/

Research, adjunct, visiting faculty

Research Area and Labs(Research, adjunct, visiting faculty)
Name Position Research Area Tel E-mail Homepage
KWON HEE WON Visiting Professor Signal processing and multimedia - Sung-Jea Ko      
Kim Jong Seon          
Park Young Woo          
Bruno Clerckx          

Emeritus faculty

Research Area and Labs(Emeritus faculty)
Name Position Research Area Tel E-mail Homepage
Duck-Jin Kim Emeritus Professor Computer Engineering 010-4248-5379 kimduckjin@korea.ac.kr  
Sung-Young Kwon Emeritus Professor        
Gil-Young Song Emeritus Professor Power engineering   song@korea.ac.kr  
Tae-Won Lee Emeritus Professor signal processing 031-276-5314    
Kyun-Hyun Cha Emeritus Professor communication system   tchah@korea.ac.kr  
Hee-Young Chun Emeritus Professor        
Chul-Hee Kang Emeritus Professor Information and Communications   chkang@korea.ac.kr  
Gwi Tae Park Emeritus Professor Control Systems   gtpark@korea.ac.kr http://control.korea.ac.kr
Suki Kim Emeritus Professor Ultra Large Scale Integration   skkim@korea.ac.kr http://ulsi.korea.ac.kr
Sunshin An Emeritus Professor Mobile network, ubiquitous computing   sunshin@dsys.korea.ac.kr http://nlab.korea.ac.kr
Sae-Hyuk Kwon Emeritus Professor Power system stability   shkwon@korea.ac.kr http://power.korea.ac.kr
Man Young Sung Emeritus Professor semiconductor devices and CAD   semicad@korea.ac.kr http://semicad2.korea.ac.kr