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Graduation Project

Graduation Project is a course offered for seniors.

Upon completing four years of college, whether you proceed to graduate school or find employment, it is common to be assigned a task to develop something that immediately requires you to use what you learned during those four years of college.

It would be quite disconcerting if you did not have any project experience in designing and building something, and it would be difficult to finish the task within the allocated time. As a result, the School of Electrical, Electronic, and Microwave Engineering opened an integrated design course in which you can experience participating in a project before you graduate.

For one semester, you are able to design and build hardware and/or software, based on a theme suggested by the lab related to your field of choice, and with the guidance of the Master’s and Ph.D. associates under the corresponding lab’s professor.

Through this course, you will be able to practically apply the knowledge you have obtained while you were in college. In other words, you will experience the transformation of school knowledge to work knowledge. It will be an exhaustive culmination of all that you have done in college.